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6/13 NFSJ Cafe No.17 Views of Two Foreign Students on Japan’s Sex Industry—Screening of a documentary “Beyond the Yellow Line”–

NFSJ Café #17
Views of Two Foreign Students On Japan’s Sex Industry
–Screening of a documentary ”Beyond the Yellow Line”–

“How and why do illegal forms of sex work exist directly under the noses of law enforcement in Japan?”

Two female exchange students currently studying in a university in Tokyo chose to make a documentary as a final research project for a class.

Already burdened and versed in social justice issues like terrorism, genocide, refugees, homelessness, child trafficking etc., with the help of a Japanese woman working in the sex industry, the two students set out on a filming endeavor to delve into Japan’s red light district. The documentary “Beyond the Yellow Line” is the product of their four-month research of interviewing the shopkeeper of a “Free Information Center” in Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku, sex buyers, and the sex worker.

Let’s witness the students’ view on Japan’s sex industry (or Fuzoku, as it is called in Japanese) by watching the documentary, then hearing them comment and discussing with them. (The documentary has English and Japanese subtitles:  59 minutes.)

《Date & Time》June 13(Thur), 2019,  19:00~21:00  (Doors open at: 18:45)

《Place》”Space C”,  3rd Floor,  Musashino Place
     2-3-18, Kyonan-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo
      (1 min. walk from the South Exit of JR Musashi-Sakai Station)

《Admission》 Free  (Max.20)

 or indicate your will of participation on the Facebook Event Page

《Sponsored by》 Not For Sale Japan(NFSJ)

《Language》 Japanese & English

(The documentary is subtitled in Japanese & English. Q&A would be done in either language. No interpretation provided, but the speakers are bilingual.)

Ms. Hanako Montgomery and Ms. Tess Rizzoli, the producers of the film, will answer the questions after the screening.

Ms. Hanako Montgomery, who studies Japanese History & Language, Asia & Asian American Studies at a university in NY, currently is studying Japanese language, politics, literature and history at Sophia University in Tokyo. She’s been interested in social justice issues like violence against women since she learned about them in a junior high school class. Her interest in Japan’s prostitution industry was sparked when she visited Osaka with her family and noticed sex workers there.

Ms. Tess Rizzoli is enrolled in the faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies of Cambridge University, UK, and currently studying Japanese literature and society in Sophia University. Shocked by the reality of child marriage and prostituted children in the foreign countries while traveling with her family as a child, as well as the issues of violence against immigrants and women in her ancestral country Italy, her interest in marginalized people continued and she volunteered for 2 years to help the homeless community in Cambridge. Noticing that Japan is not a safe country as she previously believed  and hoping to give a voice for the voiceless people in society, she decided to make this documentary with her friend.

NFSJ Café, sponsored by the anti-trafficking non-profit Not For Sale Japan is a casual learning opportunity with tea and snacks to hear or watch movies on related issues. Come and join us!

Download the event flyer here.

20190613 NFSJ Cafe No.17 Flyer (E)

3/19 Seminar on the Ethical Report Card of Companies

This is an announcement of the event to be conducted in Japanese on March 19 in Tokyo: “Seminar on the Ethical Repot Card of Companies” sponsored by Citizens’ Network to Build a Sustainable Society through Responsible Consumption (SSRC). If you are interested and need an English info, please contact: Thank you!

Flyer PDF (Japanese)
企業のエシカル通信簿 第3回結果発表会チラシ

March 7 NFSJ Café #15 Screening of “The Price of Free”

NFSJ Café #15
Screening of “The Price of Free”
Featuring Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi On His Life-Long Mission To End Child Labor and Trafficking

◆Date & Time: Thursday, March 7, 2019
19:00~21:00(Doors open at 18:45)

◆Place: Musashino Place 3rd floor “Space E”
2-3-18, Kyonan-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo
(1 min. walk from the South Exit of JR Musashi-Sakai Station)

◆Admission: Free (Max.20)

or indicate your will of participation on the Facebook Event Page

◆Sponsored by: Not For Sale Japan(NFSJ)

Indian activist Kailash Satyarthi, a laureate of Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 along with Malala Yousafzai, has been rescuing children from child labor. Child labor is not just children working, but often is slavery or human trafficking with confinement, violence and threat, forcing children to work for long hours with almost no pay.

Let us learn by watching the movie how and why Kailash started and continues his activities, as well as the reality of child labor and the people who rescue and rehabilitate the victims.

NFSJ Café, sponsored by the anti-trafficking non-profit Not For Sale Japan is a casual learning opportunity with tea and snacks to hear or watch movies on related issues. Come and join us!

【”The Price of Free” USA/2018/directed by Derek Doneen/1hr.32min./Subtitled in Japanese & English】

2/2 NFSJ Seminar “Your Foreign Neighbor May be a Modern-Day Slave”. (in Yokohama International Forum 2019)

NFSJ will invite Dr. Junpei Yamamura as a guest speaker for the seminar “Your Foreign Neighbor May be a Modern-Day Slave”..

Dr. Yamamura works for a clinic in Yokohama while helping out trafficked and/or exploited foreign workers in Japan. We will hear about the immigrants to Japan who have suffered from such hardships and also hear about the new Immigration Control Act and its points of concern.

The seminar will be conducted in Japanese. Sorry, no translation will be provided.

Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019, 15:20~17:10 (Doors open at 15:10)

Seminar Room 6,   4th floor,  JICA Yokohama

Admission Free (but you are required to pay admission for the Yokohama International Forum.)

Please contact for further information:


NFSJ Café No. 14  “Through a Legal Lens: The Case of Prajwala, an Anti-Trafficking Organization in India”

NFSJ Café No. 14 
“Through a Legal Lens:
The Case of Prajwala, an Anti-Trafficking Organization in India”

◆Speaker: Saloni Lakhia

◆Date & Time: Friday, December 21, 2018
19:00~20:30(Doors open:18:45)

◆Place:Musashino Place 3rd Floor “Space E”
2-3-18, Kyonancho, Musashino, Tokyo
(1 min. walk from JR Musashi-sakai station)

◆Presentation Background:
India’s journey against all forms of exploitation including Human Trafficking has been long arduous but substantial. Right from creating powerful laws to building social institutions and empowering the culture – India has had its successes and failure.

It took a dedicated and committed woman like Sunitha Krishnan who herself is a sexual assault survivor, to dwell into the deeper and finer aspects of the implementation of the law, policies, schemes, and procedures and show a mirror to the society.

Come learn how one woman fought a rigid system through her organization Prajwala to create enabling procedures through legal activism. We shall discuss the organization’s work and use their court case as an example to understand how they created a ripple effect of change across the Nation.

◆Admission: Free

◆Reservation: E-mail:
or Check “Going” on the Facebook Event Page

◆The event will be conducted in English.

◆Sponsored by: Not For Sale Japan

◆About the speaker:
Saloni Lakhia is a Rotary Peace Fellow and an MA candidate in Public Policy and Social Research at the International Christian University, Tokyo. She holds a Bachelor’s in Law from Government Law College, India.

She has worked with many nonprofit and state government institutions in India helping create gender-specific policies and legal reforms as well as written socio-legal handbooks focusing on crimes against women and children. Primarily, her work has been focused on securing protection and rehabilitation for survivors of human trafficking, sexual assault and domestic violence in Maharashtra.

When not working, she spends her time as a freelance literary and content editor, with published books from HarperCollins and Penguin Random House India.

(NFSJ Cafe is a casual learning opportunity on a topic related to human trafficking with a guest speaker. Coffee, tea, and snack will be served.)

◆Event Flyer Download   20181221 NFSJ Cafe No.14 Flyer (E)


10/20 Screening event of “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls”

The fine documentary “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls” will be screened at the International Girls Day Event sponsored by Katsushika ward on Saturday, October 20, 14:00-16:30.

This film depicts the reality of sex trafficking around the world and NFSJ has shown it 37 times during the 4 years 2013-2016.  It’s a very rare opportunity now to see it on screen, so don’t miss it!

(The lecture by Mariko Yamaoka will be given in Japanese. The film is in English with Japanese subtitles.)

【About the movie】

Saturday, October 20, 14:00-16:30
Katsushika-ku Women’s Pal (Gender Equality Center)
RSVP by October 11

【For detail (Japanese)】

Please contact NFSJ if you need assistance for reservation:

Download the flyer PDF

(~11/12)Please support the project of “Ethical Report Card of Companies” produced by SSRC (Citizens’ Network to Build a Sustainable Society through Responsible Consumption)

(Illustration: Nanami Minami)

NFSJ is an active member of SSRC, the Citizens’ Network to Build a Sustainable Society through Responsible Consumption. This is a network of 39 nonprofit organizations that deal with various social issues.

One of its main projects is to produce “Ethical Report Card of Companies” where we review each companies according to how “ethical” they are in their own corporate behavior in terms of human rights, workers’ rights, environment, animal welfare, etc. In 2016 and 2017, we have already graded 22 companies in 5 major industries: food manufacturing, apparel, cosmetics, convenience stores, and package delivery.

(Illustration: Nanami Minami)

SSRC is now calling for donation from general public to support its project in 2018 via a crowd funding scheme called Readyfor.

This fundraising is “all or nothing” scheme, that means, we need to achieve our goal of 1,850,000 yen in 42 days (through November 12), otherwise, we cannot gain even 1 yen.  So, will you visit the site and share it through social media and other means?

It’s a pity that we only have Japanese page but if you are willing to donate, please contact us: or please see the following instruction that were translated into English for another project that also used the Readyfor platform. It’s not exactly the same as ours, but it would surely help you understand how the system works:
(Please scroll down to find the section “Payment Instruction (English).”)

Thank you for your cooperation!