Vol.4 “Underground Life of High School Girls: Girls Living in Relationship Poverty” (tentative English title)

Unfortunately for English readers this book is published only in Japanese, but it’s imperative to introduce it.  Ms. Nito is director of the NGO Colabo which supports high school girls who wander about cities, having lost their connection to others (family, friends and/or schools). 

In this book you will find girls getting caught in a so-called false safety net and easily being exploited in the JK (joshikosei=high school girls) industry.  One of the services called “JK osampo”, walking with a high school girl, has been identified as a typical trafficking case in the Trafficking in Persons Report in 2014 by US Department of State. 

From this book you can learn about the actual condition of trafficking happening today right in front of our eyes. (Nozomi Kuriyama)

(Written by Yumeno Nito, Published in 2014 by Kobunsha (Shinsho), 264p, 760yen+tax, https://www.kobunsha.com/shelf/book/isbn/9784334038144