(~11/12)Please support the project of “Ethical Report Card of Companies” produced by SSRC (Citizens’ Network to Build a Sustainable Society through Responsible Consumption)

(Illustration: Nanami Minami)

NFSJ is an active member of SSRC, the Citizens’ Network to Build a Sustainable Society through Responsible Consumption. This is a network of 39 nonprofit organizations that deal with various social issues.

One of its main projects is to produce “Ethical Report Card of Companies” where we review each companies according to how “ethical” they are in their own corporate behavior in terms of human rights, workers’ rights, environment, animal welfare, etc. In 2016 and 2017, we have already graded 22 companies in 5 major industries: food manufacturing, apparel, cosmetics, convenience stores, and package delivery.

(Illustration: Nanami Minami)

SSRC is now calling for donation from general public to support its project in 2018 via a crowd funding scheme called Readyfor.


This fundraising is “all or nothing” scheme, that means, we need to achieve our goal of 1,850,000 yen in 42 days (through November 12), otherwise, we cannot gain even 1 yen.  So, will you visit the site and share it through social media and other means?

It’s a pity that we only have Japanese page but if you are willing to donate, please contact us: japan@notforsalecampaign.org or please see the following instruction that were translated into English for another project that also used the Readyfor platform. It’s not exactly the same as ours, but it would surely help you understand how the system works:  https://readyfor.jp/projects/tokyo-friends2018/announcements/76349
(Please scroll down to find the section “Payment Instruction (English).”)

Thank you for your cooperation!