Not For Sale Japan (NFSJ)

Director:Mariko Yamaoka

Regular mail received at
c/o Musashino-Sakai Postal Office, 1-3-4-105 Sakai, Musashino, Tokyo 180-0022
*If something is sent to the above address, please let us know via e-mail. Otherwise, the mail will be return to the sender after a certain period of time.
Mail Magazine registration
*Please enter your e-mail address and your name (お名前). We will send information on our activities, events, and other related news occasionally.
How to give
NFSJ’s activities are fully dependent on your kind support of donation. Please you’re your gift so that we can continue our project.

(1) When you remit from Yuucho Bank (or Postal Office)
【Account number】 00150-0-694840
【Account name】ノットフォーセールジャパン(NFSJ)
(2) When you send from other banks
【Bank name】ゆうちょ銀行(Yuucho Bank)【Office name】〇一九店(Zero Ichi Kyu:019)
【Account】当座(”toza” checking account)【Account Number】0694840
【Account Name】ノットフォーセールジャパン(NFSJ)
*If you send from other banks, please let us know your home address by e-mailing, because we would like to send you a receipt.