Looking Back at NFSJ Cafes

【July 30 is the UN-designated World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.】

Not For Sale Japan (NFSJ) has been holding the “NFSJ Cafe” as a “casual learning opportunity” over tea and snacks, where we welcome guest speakers to talk about topics related to the issue of human trafficking and modern slavery. Since the start of  COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued it as an online event.

In conjunction with the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on July 30, this year, our staff will provide brief reports on what NFSJ Cafés have delivered so far. If you find a title that interests you, please click on it. (July-August 2022)

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  • Vol.10 "The Issue of “Sexual Consent” at the Root of Everything: Thoughts from the Front Lines of Supporting Victims of Sexual Exploitation"

  • Vol.9 “Detention Center Visitation: Reality of Immigrants in Japan”

  • Vol.8 "“Slavery in the Ocean” and Japan: Is this fish I’m eating slave-free?”

  • Vol.7 "Views of Two Foreign Students on Japan’s Sex Industry ~ Screening of the Documentary “Beyond the Yellow Line”~

  • Vol. 6 “Modern Slavery: Measuring a Hidden Problem”

  • Vol. 5 “Let’s listen to Mr. Willem Botes’s Findings through Dogenzaka Night Walking”

  • Vol.4 “Sierra Leone: Seeking for Peaceful Diamond”

  • Vol.3 “Let’s learn about LGBT: Toward the Society Where No One is Left Behind and Sexual Diversity is Accepted”

  • Vol. 2 “From the Kabukicho Nightlife District – Trafficking in Persons (Sexual Exploitation) and Countermeasures”

  • Vol.1 The Reason Why We Hold NFSJ Cafes

*The list of past NFSJ Cafe: NFSJ Cafe List