12/26 (English Event) NFSJ Café #29 “Let’s Learn about New/Revised Laws on Protection of Women in Japan”

NFSJ Café #29
“Let’s Learn about New/Revised Laws on Protection of Women in Japan”

This year we have seen the passage of several laws and amendments to laws related to support and protection of women in Japan. Some of these laws were passed in response to longstanding requests by women’s support groups, while others were enacted as a result of swift action by support groups and lawmakers who shared a sense of crisis triggered by a certain event.

NFSJ staff members have conducted research on these movements, which even Japanese speakers have difficulty in understanding, and will share them with English speakers interested in this issue.

This event will be held with the hope that everyone will learn about this important legal change concerning women that has finally begun to take place in Japan, and that they will be able to support the people and organizations that are involved in this important change. Please join us even though it is a busy time at the end of the year.

《Date&Time》Mon. Dec. 26, 2022, 19:00-20:30

《Venue》Online (Zoom)

《Admission》 Free *Reservation required


《Reservation》Use the link below to fill in the reservation form.
We will send the Zoom link to your email address 2 hours prior to the event.

“Adult Video Appearance Damage Prevention and Relief Act”
“New Law to Support Women in Need”
“Amendments to the Criminal Code” including Raising the Age of Sexual Consent
Q&A, discussion

《Speakers》NFSJ Staff members

Sponsored by Not For Sale Japan, which works on issues of human trafficking and modern slavery, NFSJ Café is a casual learning experience where interested participants and NFSJ staff talk about a theme or watch a film over a cup of tea. Please feel free to join us.

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