Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery –Four reasons why we cannot say they are irrelevant to us–

“Human trafficking and modern-day slavery” …Doesn’t the phrase sound a little bit irrelevant to you? That they happened a long time ago or are happening in a faraway land?

But in truth, THEY ARE very relevant to us. Let us explain the four reasons why it is so.

July 30 World day against trafficking in personsIllustration: Nanami Minami
Reason #1: Human trafficking is happening in Japan. ⇒Read more
Reason #2: Japanese make up half of the trafficking victims identified in Japan. ⇒Read more
Reason #3 We might be buying what these slaves are making. ⇒Read more
Reason #4 In fact, each of us has a key for a solution. ⇒Read more