Activities of NFSJ

Please know about Not For Sale Japan’s contribution to abolishing trafficking in persons.
There are many activities that we can cooperate with you. Please join us!

1. Activities to raise awareness of human trafficking which is happening all over the world and in Japan.
A) Lecture
We give lectures about who the “Slaves” are, variations of human trafficking, actions that the world and Japan are taking, etc. We also can offer discussion and Q&A session about what we can do to abolish human trafficking. Please invite us to whatever opportunity you can offer to talk about the topic!

B) Classroom presentation at schools
Many schools including junior-highs, high schools and universities invite us to their classrooms. Some of our English speaking members had chances to give a presentation at university English courses.

C) Running a booth at exhibitions
We attend some exhibitions with themes of international cooperation and communication, and/or citizens’ activities.

D) Screening “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls”
We have held a screening event of this documentary more than 30 times. We usually give a presentation about Japanese situation and Q&A session at the screening. Co-sponsoring organizations or individuals are wanted!

E) NFSJ cafe
NFSJ café is a casual event in which staff members share and exchange human trafficking related topics. This meeting is open to every body and we hold it several times a year.

F) Sharing news through Facebook, Twitter and Mail Magazines
We share news and information about human trafficking through Facebook,
Twitter (@notforsalejapan), and our mail magazine. Please send your e-mail address to to register.

G) Creating original materials
We created a booklet that introduces basic knowledge about human trafficking, a flyer to encourage ethical consumption, and printed a manga to raise awareness of and prevent the trafficking, etc.

H) Recommended book list
We now share a list of books to know more about human trafficking issues.

2. Activities for advocacy through networking with other organizations
A) Participating and taking a responsible role in Japan Network Against Trafficking in Persons.
We advocate to the Japanese government in making human trafficking policies and have regular meetings with the cabinet office, related ministries and agencies to improve the situation.

B) Participating and taking a responsible role in Citizens’ Network to Build a Sustainable Society through Responsible Consumption
We will give the information to consumers about sustainable and ethical consumption, and also encourage industrial companies to open their information about supply chain and/or managing workers ethically and humanely (not exploitatively).