NFSJ World Day Against Trafficking in Persons Campaign 2022: Looking Back at NFSJ Cafes (July 30 – August 30, 2022)

To commemorate World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on July 30, NFSJ conducts an annual online awareness campaign.

This year, out of the 28 NFSJ Cafés that have been held so far, we selected the most memorable sessions and seven staff members created short report articles. In the past month, we have posted 10 articles on our website and shared them on social media.

Looking Back at NFSJ Cafés

NFSJ Cafes have covered all aspects of human trafficking and modern slavery, or the various issues that exist around it. The topics covered in these reports range from Kabukicho night patrols and Dogenzaka night walks, to LGBT and immigration issues, to sex industry and sexual consent, and connections to industries such as mining and seafood.

If any of the topics caught your interest, please read on.

*The Reason Why We Hold NFSJ Cafes

*The list of past NFSJ Cafe: