Mini Lecture Video Clip on SDGs and Human Trafficking (19min.)now available on YouTube


We participated in the online event “SDGs Yokohama CITY” on February 20 and hosted two seminars, “What is Human Trafficking?” each consisting of 3 sections: a mini lecture, introduction of a book and a film, and a mini English conversation class.

Now, a 19 minute video clip of the mini lecture part is available on YouTube. In this lecture, NFSJ Director Yamaoka explains on “SDGs and Human Trafficking/ Modern Slavery” using PowerPoint slides.
This is a shortened version, or, the essence of the regular lectures that we usually give at universities and in other occasions.

As we added English subtitles to this one, please take a look at it. And please use it as a tool to let your English speaking friends know about human trafficking issues around the world and in Japan.

The other video clips (15 to 20 min. each) on Introduction to Books and Films and on Mini-English Conversation Classes will be added sequentially to our NFSJ Channel soon. (Sorry, English subtitles not available for those videos.)

We hope that by making more people aware of the issue of human trafficking and modern slavery, we can get a little closer to finding a solution. We would be happy if we could work together with you to use these tools.  Thank you!