NFSJ World Day against Trafficking in Persons Campaign 2021 ~Let’s share the video “What is Human Trafficking?” ~

The issue of human trafficking is often thought to be difficult or irrelevant to us. But in fact, it is very close to us and has a lot to do with our daily lives.

In order to make this issue more familiar to people, NFSJ has created a video featuring a college student named Takumi, with illustrations by Namura Michiyo. Please use this tool to participate in the campaign!

How to participate in the “NFSJ World Day against Trafficking in Persons Campaign 2021”

First, watch the video (8 min.50 sec.) yourself.

Then, share it to other people:
Share it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…etc.);

Whenever there is a gathering in the community, school, PTA, church, etc., watch it together; and

Show it to students and audience in the classes and lectures!

(The campaign will run from July 30 through August 31, 2021. The first goal is to get 1,000 views. The video itself will remain after that.)

*July 30th is the World Day against Trafficking in Persons, as designated by the United Nations.

YouTube video link