Staff’s Essay (1) Why I Volunteer with Not For Sale Japan (Kathy Burton-Lewis)

I knew almost nothing about Human Trafficking until I heard David Batstone, the founder of NFS speak seven years ago. At that time I also met Mariko Yamaoka, the co-director here in Japan and have been involved with the organization since then.

What I learned about HT was shocking and extremely disturbing because it is an insidiously evil activity abusing the most vulnerable in our society, namely children and young people. I have been privileged to participate in various activities and events helping to bring awareness to the people of Japan about human trafficking. One very meaningful activity is assisting in the screening of the film, “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls”, a documentary on the global sex trade. The film is shocking in depicting the horror of the industry but I think we need to get out of our “comfort zone” and become aware that this evil is spreading around the world through the sex trade, as well as inhumane labor practices.

The more we learn about HT and how to recognize it, the better we are equipped to put an end to this abhorrent business. One doesn’t have to have prior knowledge or expertise to join in this effort – merely a desire to see HT abolished. Won’t you join us in this endeavor?

(First “Nefarious” screening event in 2013)